Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Video : uMaNg - Correct Techniques - 2014

From the long awaited "The Black Rose Certificate" album ,  Produced by B.B.Z. Darney , 
available worldwide (CD/2LP/cassette/digital) November 25th on Ill Adrenaline Records .

Various - The Genesis of Nasty English EP - 2014

All tracks produced for ReadyRock Records 1992-1995.
350 Copies Only ! 

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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Madness - Rays Of The Sun - 2014

Tracklist :

1.Imagine This (written by Naji, I God , I Righteous, Original Blackman, Shyheed)
2.Rain Storms (written by Original Blackman, Mike Diesel)
3.Strickly Madness (written by I God , I Righteous, Shyheed) 
4.Punishment (written by Naji, I God , I Righteous\par)
5.95 Was Live (written by Naji, I God , I Righteous, Original Blackman, Shyheed) 
6.Remedy (written by Naji, I God , I Righteous) 
7.So Many Suckas (written by Naji, I God , I Righteous) 
8.Intergalactic Tactics (writen by I God , I Righteous, Original Blackman) 
9.Sad Songs (written by Naji, I God , I Righteous) 
10.Exposed To The Game (written by Naji)

All tracks produced by Izniz for Izniz Productionz
All tracks recorded at Lorenzo Conte House Of Hits and engineered by Lorenzo Conte
Executive Producer: Izniz Copyright 1995

Limited 50 Signed CD's 
CD's Ship 10th December

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Mad Props to Izniz for the Snippets 
Contact : iznizproductionz 

Real Estate - Queensbridge - HHC 1997


-= From Hip-Hop Connection Magazine - January 1997 =-

Video : DJ Skizz feat. Dangafield - Live From The Ghetto - 2014

off Dj Skizz's album "New Orleans Finest

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mix : Built To Last Presents Tru Criminal Records

Tracklist :

01.AK SKILLZ - East ta west
02.STREET SMARTZ - Metal Thangz
04.AK SKILLZ - one life ta live
05.GODSUNZ feat TRIGGA DA GAMBLER - Headspinners
06.AK SKILLZ - One thing or another
07.GODSUNZ feat OGC - 1-718
08.FUCK THAT - Brollic
09.STREET SMARTZ - Don't trust anyone
10.151 PROOF - 151 Excuses
11.GODSUNZ - Baccardi & Smoke
ASU - 2PAC LONS - Bitches 
13.SCARCHILD - 151 PROOF - FUCK THAT - Prime Time 
15.NATURE - Let's do it again
16.FUCK THAT - John F Hennessy

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sound Providers catalog for FREE !


Soulo & Jason Skills put online the Full Sound Providers Catalog for our Pleasure.  

 Free Download   

Props to mrfantastic from the DWG Forum for the link 

CRU in On The Go Magazine - 1997

-= From On The Go Magazine - 1997 - Original Scan by Babylon Falling =- 

Check the Full Scan article on babylonfalling.tumblr.com