Friday, December 19, 2014

Whooliganz - Proposed Album (Promo tape) - 1993

K7 - 1993 - Tommy Boy

Mad Props to Jamie (the Promo tape's owner) and my man Hakan Dougpark who put the full rip of the Whooliganz's album online . 


Enjoy !

Azaia - Re​-​Animations - Limited 2LP - 2014

The Album "Re-Animations" is now available on Limited Vinyl (2xLP).
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Contact : Azaia / Venom

L.O.T.U.G - Faith Healers in HHC -1994

-= From Hip-Hop Connection Magazine - October 1994 =-

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shabazz The Disciple - Lidushopahorraz 90's EP - 2014

EP - 2014 - Chopped Herring Records  

350 Copies Only !
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Dr Becket - Creativity - 2000

12" - 2000 - Schlick Records  

Dr Becket - Creativity Feat El da Sensei & K-Skills - 2000

Ill Behavior - Days of Sin (CD) & Ghettolandz - The Concrete Jungle (CD)

1. If There's Beef 
2. Savage Nigga 
3. Put Your Guards Up 
4. Pushed Up 
5.Days Of Sin 
6. Assed Out 
7.Who Wanna Do What 

DAYS OF SIN  Format EP Replication CD, 
Jewel Cases with 2-panel inserts with art

All songs written by Homicide and Zoo Man Crash 
All tracks produced by Izniz for Izniz Productionz 
All tracks recorded at Firehouse Recording Studios and engineered by Ethan Ryman 
Executive Producer: Izniz Copyright 1994 

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Ships Mid January

1. Real G'z 
Written by Naji and Huggy Bear 
2. Change the Game 
Written by Naji 
3. Can He Come Out 
Written by Naji 
4. Make It Happen Feat. Miilkbone 
Written by Naji and Miilkbone 
5. Let's Get It On 
Written by Naji 
6. Get You Open Like Nature 
Written by Naji 
7. Ginuwine Thoughtz 
Written by Naji 
8. Mic Hot 
Written by Naji 
9. The Toucha 
Written by Naji 
10. Searchin 
Written by Naji 
11. As the World Revolves 
Written by Naji 
12. Get You Open Remix 
Written by Naji 

THE CONCRETE JUNGLE  Format Lp Replication CD, 
Jewel Cases with 2-panel inserts with art

All tracks produced by Izniz for Izniz Productionz  
All tracks recorded at Lorenzo Conte House Of Hits and engineered by Lorenzo Conte  
Executive Producer: Izniz Copyright 1995 

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Ships Mid January

 also available on Tape !!!! 

Mad Props to my man Izniz  ! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ill Behavior - Days Of Sin (1994 Demo EP) - 2014

EP - 2014 - Heavy Jewelz Records 

A1. If There's Beef 
A2. Days Of Sin 
A3. Assed Out 
B1. Savage Nigga 
B2. Put Ya Guards Up 
B3. Pushed Up

All Tracks Recorded in 1994 

275 Copies Only ... 
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